Terms and Conditions

  1. Deposit & Payment

Payment of 50% will be paid fully before commencement of work to secure your booking with us and the following 50% will be due on your wedding date. Any promotional packages will be paid fully before commencement of work to secure the booking with us. An invoice will be provided for any of the above stated payments including any additional arising costs. A payment period of 7 days is applicable to any of the above stated payments and the Company reserves the right to charge an interest of 5% per day should the client exceed the stated payment window.

We will inform you of any changes to our professional fees if the scope of services changes. All information and advice given during your appointment with us should be kept private and confidential, and should not be disclosed to third parties.

Our fees are non-refundable unless stated otherwise.

2. Copyright

The entire copyright of the videos/photographs will be retained by the Company always. The Company retains the right in all cases to use the photographs and videos in any manner at any time and in any part of the purposes of advertising or the promotion of work.

3. Deliverables

The Company will deliver all videos and photographs to you within 90 days from the date of the shoot.

4. Force Majeure 

If, by any reason of impossibility, of natural disaster, incapacitation, or any similar circumstance beyond the Company’s control, the Company will be excused from the obligations set forth under this agreement as a matter of the law.

In the unlikely event that the videographer/photographer is injured or becomes too ill to shoot the event, the Company will make every effort to find a replacement. If the situation should occur, through no fault of the Company and a suitable replacement cannot be found, the Company will return all fees and/or reschedule at a time that both parties mutually agree upon a negotiable rate (post/pre-wedding case). If a suitable replacement is located and if you agree, the Company shall assign all duties under this agreement to the replacement videographer/photographer.

In the unlikely event of equipment failure or any unfortunate circumstance that happens during the shoot which affects the outcome of the final product severely (lost footage, etc.), the Company will reach an agreement with you on an appropriate compensation amount; up to the total cost of services provided.

5. Indemnity

You undertake to indemnify the Company for any loss, damage or expense (including costs as between solicitor client basis) suffered or incurred as a result of any breach by you in these conditions or in recovering any money due and such loss, damage or expense shall be moneys due for the purpose of these conditions.

6. Liability of Company Limited

The Company’s liability to you for any and all costs, loss, damage suffered by you, however caused, arising out of or connected with the performance or failure of videography/photography services by the Company, except where provided to the contrary by the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act, shall not exceed the value of the payments made by you under the booking and/or order agreements.

7. Travel & Expenses

For shoots within Singapore, you agree to bear the cost of travel expenses between shoot locations, such as; arranged transport or paid transportation. You also agree to provide a meal for the crew assigned to you for every five hours of shoot. For shoots that reside out of Singapore, you agree to bear the costs of travel expenses such as; airplane tickets, accommodation and food during the days of the shoot.

You also agree to the potential risks that come about with an overseas shoot due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the Company’s control. In the unlikely case of such an event, you should be open to alternative options and workarounds provided by the Company.

8. Integration & Severability 

This agreement constitutes the final agreement between you and the Company, and this agreement cannot be modified without the written consent of both parties. If any portion of this agreement is held to be invalid by the court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity will not alter the enforceability of the remaining provisions.  

9. Governing Law  

This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.